Massage of the abdominal area is a great way to tone the muscles in your colon area. If done regularly, this massage will strengthen your colon walls and help to loosen stagnant chime that is causing constipation. If you are trying to relieve constipation, then you can massage for a week or two until you get past your constipation. Regular massaging can be of great benefit to your colon and to your surrounding organs.

You can do this colon massage with oil as you lie in your bed or, as I do, in the shower where I use a soap solution to slide my hand over my abdomen with relative easy.

Start on the right side down near your appendix. Start with small circular or short movements, in one direction, and move upward toward your rib cage. This is the direction your fecal matter travels in your colon. If you have long fingernails, you may have a problem doing this massage.

You can apply pressure in your massages. You may want to start gently and increase your pressure in subsequent days.

When you start your circular massage near your appendix, you are also strengthening your ileocecal valve. In the shower, everyday, I massage this spot to strengthen and tone my ileocecal valve. This one way valve is the gateway between your small intestine and your colon. You want a strong ileocecal valve so fecal matter moves into your colon it does not move backward into the small intestine.

Massaging near the appendix also helps to move any stagnant fecal matter that is stuck there. Stagnant fecal matter in the appendix can lead to bacteria build up and inflammation.

So, massage your ileocecal value every day in the shower or with oil just before getting out of bed for 1-minute or so.

Now, once you've reached the rib cage, move to the left to the outer point of the left rib cage. Now move downward a good length toward your groin.

Take 2-3 minutes to do this massage and you will get constipation relief and you will start to improve your overall feeling of well being.

As you massage your colon area, notice if you find areas that have a slight pain or a lot of pain. With areas that have a slight pain, you can work these areas and probably reduce the pain with daily massages.

With areas of deep pain, in the colon area, do not continue the massage. Consider consulting with a doctor, if the pain persists.

Remember to move your hands in one direction in short strokes, upward, then to the left, then downward. Massage your ileocecal valve everyday and this will stimulate you appendix area.

These massages will help to loosen and move fecal matter that is stagnant in your colon. Combine this massage with other constipation remedies and this should help you get constipation relief.

Source by Rudy Silva