The best natural colon cleansers should contain low enzyme levels as well as low sugar, low preservatives and low fat. Herbal natural colon cleansers are only safe if they can be regulated and not used excessively. Many herbal natural colon cleansers had been found to be very harmful because of their harsh herbal contents which might cause some harmful effects to the walls of the intestines.

The muscle cells and the membranes in the intestinal walls are meant for food nutrient absorption and when harsh herbal contents inside the herbal natural colon cleansers are excessively used, they might cause serious damages to these tissues and intestinal cell membranes. Prolong usage of some herbal natural colon cleansers might result in the body losing its traditional movement and passing out of waste materials. At this problematic stage, the body will only allow bowel movements only with the aids of these chemical herbal materials.

Common bad herbal natural colon cleansers used include; Senna, Psyllium, and cascara sagrada. All of these are too harsh with the human system and should not be used except prescribed by a medical expert. The sienna for instance should be avoided because its prolong usage can lead to other diseases such as Liver failure, severe diarrhea, excessive weight loss, Hepatitis, decrease in enzyme productions and many more. Psyllium herbal colon cleansers are also harmful to the human system as they cause choking at the oesophagus, and a persistent change in bowel habits. The cascara sagrada is also harmful to the human system in that it causes abdominal pains, lesions in the colon, hepatitis and liver damage. Casacara sagrada might be found in many herbal natural colon cleanser ingredients, they are mainly used to provide a quick temporary relief from constipation through dietary supplements. However casacara sagrada has been proven by many scientific researches to be capable of causing serious digestive problems as well as aggravation of other problems such as diarrhea, and constipation rather than alleviating them. It is an effective herbal plant remedies for colon treatment but its negative side effects outweighs its positive and effective remedy for treating colon related problems and constipation.

Safe herbal colon cleansers however include such products such as Oxy- powder which is simply the safest natural colon cleanser one can find around as it is composed of natural substances that can be used over a period of time without side effects or hazards. The Oxy powder is a scientifically modified component that makes use of Oxygen to relieve the human system of constipation and other colon related problems. Oxy powders should not be used alone but in combination with diets that are rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables .It is also advisable to make use of Oxy-powder in smaller usage for a long time so that it does not get into one's habit . Other herbal natural colon cleansers include; aloe Vera juice, and apple cidar Vinegar which has also proven to be very effective in recent times.

Source by Ryan English