What if you could fine tune your diet, so you knew your colon health is great? What if you could get that nice soft stool simply by choosing the foods your genetics needs to run efficiently? What if you could do this without counting calories? It is possible, and you can manage any genetic health risks you have inherited.

Certain foods are highly beneficial for genetic individuals. We start with the most obvious genetic marker, your blood type. Knowing your family's history, and genetic markers, we can start to build an eating plan that will maximize your healthy gene expressions, and minimize the unhealthy gene expressions.

It is easy to pick your best foods, from a list and see what happens and how you feel. There are more steps if this doesn't quite give you the answers you need.

Suppose you are Scandinavian, and you don't know if you inherited the Scandinavian, fish-eating genes, or the English meat-eating genes. What if you are a combination of both? How do we handle this? Suppose you are Asian, and you don't know, if you as a bi racial child, have inherited the Asian fish-eating genes, or the English meat-eating genes?

There are more steps to figuring out what your body needs. Genome types, secretor types, and even the fast and informational genetic types. The exact description of your nutritional needs, and protein percentage requirements for belly fat loss.

Why wait till you have cancer, when you can be proactive and avoid it by having your colon run on time and effortlessly.

There are basic guidelines for every blood type, and I have outlined these on previous articles.
1. No carbonated drinks.
2. No processed boxed foods.
3. Add soluble fiber to your diet.
4. Why water is important.
5. Which nuts will help prevent pancreatic cancer.
6. Fruits, and the best time to eat them.
7. Which beans so you don't get gas.
8. Vegetables, green leafy ones, and sulforophane and cancer reducing ones.
9. Sources of your omega 3's other than pill form and more.

Fine-tuning your foods for nutrient uptake every day, will keep your body humming along, happy, energetic, and disease free. We all need a basic supply of the same nutrients, it is just the source that can vary from genetic type to genetic type. Of course there are some foods that are universal for everyone. You know what they are. Broccoli, kale, onions, and apples.

You can find the best proteins, and fruits, and learn how to incorporate the 7 varieties of fruits and vegetables efficiently each day. Casseroles, soups and stir-frys' help to get a complete variety.

Visit and peruse around. The correct foods will keep you from catching colds and flu's. If you need help there are supplements and free e-mails to get you started on your best health.

Source by Kristi S Tornabene