What if I told you that you could significantly cleanse your colon or entire intestinal tract with only two herbal ingredients that are very, very inexpensive, easy to find, simple to prepare (takes about 30 seconds), and would not be inconvenient to use? These two ingredients combine really well together and are highly complementary to one another. Plus, there are really no side effects. It’s amazingly gentle on the stomach, which is the result of the one herb, and doesn’t cause any uncomfortable cramping. The one herb is so soothing that even babies who are prone occasionally to projectile vomit can eat it and glean needed nutrition from it.

These two herbs when combined and imbibed in a certain way, will cause a very large bowel movement within 24 hours — at the very most 36 hours depending how constipated you are.

It’s true.

I’ve been using this herbal concoction since the 80’s and it works great literally every time. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it’s not hype.

Plus, unlike most colon cleansers, this drink doesn’t cause cramping. Many of the herbal colon cleanse products on the market today do that — something to which I can personally testify. The cramps can be powerful and difficult to deal with. Not with this drink. Literally, on my honor, I’ve never had one cramp in all the times I’ve taken this concoction. Never.

It works and it works well. If you’re constipated or “plugged up” and need a few good bowel movements, this drink will do the trick.

Just get the two herbal ingredients out, mix them together in an eight-ounce glass, then add the of fruit juice (pasteurized will do just fine) until it covers the herbs, and allow it to sit for about 5 minutes. The result will be that the herbs will absorb all the liquid so much so that you could turn the glass upside down and not one drop — not one — of liquid will pour out. Then, add the rest of the juice and “cut” the pieces of the herb into pieces you can put in your mouth. Chew it a little if that helps you, drink, and swallow.

That’s all there is to it.

What About Cost?

A pound of the one herbal ingredient cost anywhere from $11 to $35 (the expensive $35 is if it’s organic certified) and the other is in the $11 to $12 range too. Such amounts will last you a few months at the very least. It’s certainly less expensive than some of the herbal colon cleansers on the market today.

So, you can see, it’s relatively inexpensive.

Is There a Downside?

Everything in life has some negative aspect to it. This secret colon cleanse or colon cleanser drink is no exception. When mixed, this colon cleanse drink can be very mucilaginous. Some people, like myself, have a difficult time with such thickness. There is a bright side to even this, though. This colon cleanser drink was meant to be imbibed as a “health tonic” type of drink, if you will, not for recreational or pleasure. I drink mine very quickly and get done with it.

With colon cancer on the rise, this colon cleanse drink is something you should be aware of.

Source by Glenn Reschke